Steer your pool cleaner all over your pool

Faster Cleaning

Absolute Simplicity - Fit & Forget

Reduced Pumping Hours

Fits all popular un-steered pool cleaners

Pool Pilot Benefits - Steer your pool cleaner all over your pool

  • Your pool will be sparkling clean and swim ready at all times and all seasons. No need to hand vacuum before you swim or host that pool party.
  • There is no time for debris to build up and begin to decay, staining your pool surface.
  • Pool Pilot pays for itself over and over. A clean pool makes the control of water quality so much easier, reducing the money you spend on chemicals.
  • Your pool filter pump is a major power user, most pump motors are 750w (1hp) and run 8 to 12 hours a day. Maximizing pool cleanliness minimizes the filtration time needed. This allows you to reduce your electricity spend.
  • Reducing the pump running hours saves wear and tear on the pump and on your pool cleaner too, reducing those frequent repair bills.
  • Rotating the hoses combats their tendency to develop a shape memory and UV exposure is more even.


How Pool Pilot Works?

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There are two types of automatic pool cleaners, those with steering mechanisms and those without. The patented Pool Pilot kit easily converts a basic machine into a steered machine. In the kit is a specially shaped steering tube which is fitted to the pool cleaner, between the pool cleaner and the suction hose.

The hose is no longer in a straight line with the pool cleaner so the steering tube applies gentle side forces to the moving pool cleaner.

Also in the kit is a swivel clutch which is fitted in the suction hose at a joint between two hose sections. This clutch engages and seals tight when the circulation pump is running. When the pump stops it disengages, allowing the hose to rotate freely.

We recommend the use of best quality, branded suction hose. Pool Pilot works best when used with the popular helically formed hoses because the pump suction causes these hoses to shorten and twist slightly. This twist is released when the pump stops, causing the clutch to partially rotate and with it, the hose and the steering tube, which changes the steering angle.

This is repeated each time the filter pump cycles on and off. As it gradually rotates, the steering tube randomly redirects the pool cleaner into varying paths so cleaning a greater area of the pool.

This action also drives a stuck cleaner away from an obstruction and back to work in your pool. The swivel clutch does not rotate whilst the pump is running so no wear takes place which means your Pool Pilot will give you years of hassle free service.

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